Welcome to KORYS

Hello, I’m Migle – I am a hobby beekeeper and maker behind KORYS.

I don’t mind telling you I’m obsessed with beekeeping and with all the beauty of bees life. Of course and my family always are involved to this beautiful obsession.

For me beekeeping bring the harmony, also it represents an escape from the pace and troubles of daily life. It has a peacefulness that is very relaxing.

I’m very happy that had an opportunity to renew my mother’s abandoned hobby – beekeeping. That’s why we don’t need to buy new equipment we are using mother’s beekeeping tools to supervise each bees family. I always think of my work as a beautiful collaboration between people and bees.

I’m happy to keep the tradition of beekeeping alive.

KORYS is about natural, handmade, sustainable and timeless products made from pure, organic beeswax with ingredients that come straight from mother nature.

The beeswax used to make KORYS candles comes from our own apiary, if that’s not enough the rest of the beeswax is collected from local beekeepers.

All beeswax we use for production always is organic, this way we make sure our candles are free from paraffin and other toxic additives.

Each candle production step is designed to bring out the natural beauty and healthy burning properties of the 100% organic beeswax which comes from our own apiary.

I hope that KORYS activity inspires people to see the beauty and purpose in nature.

Please remember to be kind when purchasing handmade. These items are loved and well intentioned from the minute they are made to the second they are in your hands.




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